COLF Letter to the Minister of Justice Concerning Possession of Child Pornography

Monday, April 19 1999
The Honourable Anne McLellan
Minister of Justice
Justice Building, 3rd Floor
239 Wellington Street
Ottawa, ON
K1A 0H8

Dear Ms. McLellan,

Our organization would like to commend you for your strong and clear intervention in the British Columbia Court of Appeal in the case concerning possession of child pornography.

We affirm that protecting the dignity, integrity, innocence and safety of children must take priority over any right or freedom that is claimed under the Charter.

Like many Canadians, we were outraged by the decision of the trial judge that appeared to distort the authentic meaning of freedom of expression and minimize the profound harm that is done to children in the production and possession of this hateful material.

We hope and pray that the Appeal will be successful and thank you again for your vigorous action on behalf of our country’s children.


+ Most Rev. Adam Exner, O.M.I.
Archbishop of Vancouver
Catholic Organization for Life and Family