COLF Marks International Year of Older Persons: A Blessing for the World, a Treasure for the Church

Thursday, April 22 1999

Ottawa (COLF) — The Catholic Organization for Life and Family has published a message to salute the International Year of Older Persons. 1999 has been so designated by the United Nations.

The message, A Blessing for the World, a Treasure for the Church, is contained in a six-page leaflet that reflects on some the challenges, contributions and possibilities for seniors in our families, Church and society.

It focuses on the themes of Growing Older, Bridging the Generations, You are a Blessing for the World, and You are a Treasure for the Church. Growing Older discusses the diversity of life challenges facing the seniors population; Bridging the Generations looks at the vitality and hope seniors can bring to families; You are a Blessing examines the place of the senior in today’s world; and You are a Treasure explores the spiritual dimension of growing older.

The goal of the pamphlet is to draw attention through the International Year of the Older Person, to the seniors living in our communities and to promote with our brothers and sisters throughout the world a society that is welcoming to peoples of all ages.

The leaflet is available in English and in French from the Catholic Organization for Life and Family free of charge for parishes and other Church organizations by contacting the COLF offices listed below.

Click here to read the electronic version of the leaflet. Adobe Acrobat Reader is needed to read this document.

The Catholic Organization for Life and Family is a joint project of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops and the Knights of Columbus. It promotes respect for human life and dignity and the essential role of the family.