Emergency aid for Horn of Africa

Tuesday, August 23 2011

dandpafrica-en(CCCB – Ottawa)…The Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace is collaborating with Caritas Kenya, Caritas Ethiopia and Caritas Somalia in providing emergency aid and relief to the estimated 11.6 million people suffering from the severe drought in the Horn of Africa. Donations for this cause that are made between 6 July and 16 September 2011 to Development and Peace from individuals are also being matched by the Government of Canada.

The CCODP website currently has background information about the underlying causes of the current food crisis in the Horn of Africa. In addition, it provides a helpful Factsheet on the drought, the assistance being provided by Development and Peace, and information on how donations can be made. This Factsheet is available in English, at http://www.devp.org/devpme/eng/international/corne_d_afrique-fact-eng.html

At his Angelus address on July 17, the Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, made the following appeal for the peoples of the Horn of Africa:

“I am following with deep concern the news from the region of the Horn of Africa and, in particular, Somalia, stricken by a very severe drought followed in certain areas by torrential rain which is causing a humanitarian catastrophe. Countless people are fleeing from that terrible famine in search of food and help. I hope that international mobilization will be stepped up so as to send aid without delay to these brothers and sisters of ours already harshly tried, including a great many children. May these suffering peoples not lack our solidarity and the material support of all people of good will.” (See http://www.vatican.va/holy_father/benedict_xvi/angelus/2011/documents/hf_ben-xvi_ang_20110717_en.html.)