From 14 to 19 January: CCCB Delegation Visits Holy Land

Monday, January 16 2006

(CCCB – Ottawa)… Since Saturday, Most Reverend André Gaumond, Archbishop of Sherbrooke and President of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB), has been in Jerusalem to participate in a meeting discussing the future of the Holy Land and the problems confronting Christians there.

This will be the fifth meeting of its kind to take place take place in an area of major significance for three world religions, Christianity, Judaism and Islam. During this visit, which will conclude on 18 January, Archbishop Gaumond will be accompanied by Msgr. Mario Paquette, P.H, General Secretary of the CCCB.

At the invitation of the area’s Bishops, the Canadian delegation will join their American and European colleagues in learning more about the current situation in the Holy Land, and also to be in solidarity with their brothers and sisters of Israel and Palestine.

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