From Funeral to Election of the Holy Father: Numerous Resources Offered by the CCCB

Friday, April 08 2005

(CCCB – Ottawa) … In order to ensure internet users are adequately informed, the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB) has produced a number of resources since the death of Pope John Paul II aimed at providing information and also offering a means to send condolences.

Since last Friday, a special section dedicated to John Paul II on the CCCB website,, has been consulted by thousands of visitors. Not only can they find numerous pages of documentation on the legacy of John Paul II, and his ties with Canada including his travels as well as the beatifications of Canadians, but users can also find detailed information on the process to elect the 265th pontiff.

Catholics also have access to information on liturgical celebrations for each of the steps between the death of the Holy Father and the inauguration of his successor.

Remembering John Paul II

Also in memory of John Paul II as the head of the Catholic Church, the CCCB Publications Service has produced a magnificent image of the Holy Father. Hand-drawn in pencil by Canadian artist Nora Brown, this representation shows the strength as well as the fragility of the aging pontiff. This beautiful portrait has not only adorned the website of the CCCB, but also prayer pamphlets, posters as well as banners, and now also a limited edition portrait. Those who wish to order any of these commemorative articles can visit the website of the CCCB Publications Service at

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