Jesus Christ, Our Hope: Bishop Raymond Roussin of Victoria Speaks at Synod for Europe

Friday, October 15 1999

Ottawa (CCCB) — The Most Rev. Raymond Roussin, S.M., Bishop of Victoria, attending the Second Special Synod for Europe in Rome at the invitation of Pope John Paul II, told the Assembly that a personal relationship with Jesus Christ is a necessity for anyone who claims to be a disciple of Christ.

“In daily life, we are constantly in communion with many people,” said Bishop Roussin. “Some have a greater influence on us than others. They help shape and form our lives. Christ, now risen and very much present to us, can be such a transforming presence to all.”

Bishop Roussin stated that this transforming relationship is our hope as a Church. He was speaking on article 24 of the Synod’s main working document, the Instrumentum Laboris, dealing with the centrality of the “Question of Faith.”

The Canadian bishop also told the Synodal Assembly that often the Church is not seen in the world as proposing a life that is fulfilling. What the Church must do, he said, is to proclaim that Christ is at the heart of its existence.

He concluded by declaring that “this faith in Jesus Christ becomes our hope for the Church in Europe and throughout the world.”

Bishop Roussin, a member of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops, was named by the Pope to participate in the Second Special Assembly for Europe. The Synod has brought together bishops and observers from Europe as well as representatives from every continent. The Special Assembly, which opened on October 1 and will continue until October 23, is guided by the theme: Jesus Christ, Alive in His Church, Source of Hope for Europe.