New Eparchial Bishop Appointed for the Mar Addai Chaldean Catholic Eparchy of Canada

Monday, September 13 2021

On Saturday 11 September 2021, His Holiness Pope Francis accepted the resignation of the Most Reverend Bawai Soro from the pastoral governance of the Mar Addai Chaldean Catholic Eparchy of Canada, having served as its Eparchial Bishop for the past four years. At the same time, the Holy Father appointed the Most Reverend Robert Saeed Jarjis as the new Eparchial Bishop of the same ecclesiastical circumscription. At the time of his appointment, Bishop Jarjis was the Titular Bishop of Arsamosata and Auxiliary Bishop of the Archeparchy of Baghdad. Until the new Eparchial Bishop takes canonical possession of the Eparchy, Bishop Soro will remain as Apostolic Administrator.

The Mar Addai Chaldean Catholic Eparchy of Canada has 10 parishes and missions, with a population of 40,000 served by 10 diocesan priests and two deacons. Established in June 2011, the Eparchy is the only Chaldean diocese in Canada and includes all the country’s Chaldean Catholics.