New French-language translation for Canada of Sunday, Weekday and Sanctoral volumes of the Lectionary

Monday, April 18 2016

Nouveaux lectionnaires-FR-1On the first Sunday of September 2016, the new Lectionnaire du Dimanche, Lectionnaire de Semaine, and Lectionnaire des Saints et Messes rituelles will be officially inaugurated in Canada. This past January, the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB) received recognitio from the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments for the use of the three volumes in the dioceses of Canada. This follows the publication in 2013 of the new Traduction officielle liturgique de la Bible.

The Lectionnaire sanctoral includes the readings from the Proper of the Saints and the Commons, as well as the readings for the “ritual” celebrations of the Mass, that is the Sacraments, Masses for the Dead, Votive Masses and Masses for Various Needs and Occasions. The Association épiscopale liturgique pour les pays francophones has been working with the CCCB French Sector Episcopal Commission for Liturgy and the Sacraments and with the French Sector National Liturgy Office on the publication of the three volumes of the new Lectionary. Commonly known by its acronym AELF, the association coordinates French-language translations and publications of the official liturgical books for use in the Church around the world.

Nouveaux lectionnaires-FR-2The Lectionary brings together all the biblical readings for liturgical celebrations, using a new translation designed for proclamation, easy understanding and beauty. The Lectionnaire dominical is available in two formats. All three volumes of the Lectionary are in black and red print on a white paper which facilitates legibility, with gold-embossed leather covers, endbands, flyleaves, and two satin bookmarks. CCCB Publications is offering the customary discounts for dioceses as well as special package prices for parishes when the three volumes are ordered in sets. The new publications can be ordered using the methods below:

By telephone: 1-800-769-1147
By email: