New project by the Anglican – Roman Catholic theological dialogue of Canada

Thursday, December 03 2015

Anglican-Catholic Dialogue Co-Chairs-2The Anglican – Roman Catholic Theological Dialogue of Canada is releasing a series of videos (in English only), entitled “Did you ever wonder?” This project has been undertaken by the Dialogue as a “Common Witness Project”. It began in April 2012 from a desire to speak to contemporary culture from the foundations held in common by Anglicans and Catholics, in order to address questions about human life and faith which many young people especially are asking today. The video, prepared by Salt + Light TV, is introduced by the Co-Chairs of the Dialogue, the Most Reverend Donald Bolen, Roman Catholic Bishop of Saskatoon, and the Right Reverend Linda Nicholls, Anglican Area Bishop for Trent-Durham and Suffragan Bishop of the Diocese of Toronto.

The aim of the resource is to provide a wider witness outside the Church as well as within. It has been developed as an online project. The series has 12 segments accompanied by 12 scripts, in both English and French, each with questions for discussion and reflection. Each of the following questions is addressed by a different member of the dialogue: “Why is the world the way it is?” “Why belong?” “What is my mission in life?” “How can we be courageous?” “Is suffering good for anything?” “Why believe?” “What good is the Church?” “What does it mean to belong to this Church?” “Why pray?” “Why are there so many religions?” “Are science and faith in opposition?” “Will it be okay?”

Link to the new resource Website