Our Lady of Guadalupe Circle Releases Message of Support on Indigenous Languages

Monday, October 28 2019

Today, Our Lady of Guadalupe Circle released a statement entitled “Message of support from Our Lady of Guadalupe Circle on the occasion of the United Nations 2019 Year of Indigenous Languages“. A Canadian Catholic coalition of Indigenous people, Bishops, clergy, members of lay movements and of men and women belonging to institutes of consecrated life, Our Lady of Guadalupe Circle seeks to renew and foster relations between the Catholic Church and Indigenous Peoples in Canada. This open Letter to all Canadians affirms the major significance of language in the revitalization of Indigenous cultures and expresses a commitment to finding ways to support this essential aspect of reconciliation. Following the conclusion of the Circle’s meeting in Edmonton, Alberta, the statement and a promotional video were previewed by the community at Sacred Heart parish of the First Peoples. To view the video and download the message of support, visit Our Lady of Guadalupe Circle’s website at https://ourladyofguadalupecircle.ca/. For more information, contact Tracy Blain at blain@cccb.ca.