Report of the Council for Reconciliation, Solidarity and Communion

Tuesday, October 28 2003

(Catholic Aboriginal Council for Reconciliation) 2002-2003


The Council for Reconciliation, Solidarity and Communion with Aboriginal Peoples (Catholic Aboriginal Council for Reconciliation) was established by the 1997 Plenary Assembly of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops, together with the Fund for Reconciliation, Solidarity and Communion. The original five-year term of the Fund was extended by the 2002 Plenary for another three-year term, renewable. Dioceses are invited to contribute $3,000 a year. Religious communities and other Catholic agencies also contribute to the initiative. In addition to funding healing projects, the Council is mandated to support efforts that promote reconciliation between Aboriginal communities and the Church.


Since the 2002 CCCB Plenary Assembly, the Catholic Aboriginal Council for Reconciliation has met on two occasions: 23-25 November 2002, Winnipeg, and 28-30 June 2003, Ottawa. Each meeting began with a lengthy prayer service following the Aboriginal tradition of the sacred circle.

Because the Council meets in different community centres across the country, members become acquainted with Aboriginal groups whose efforts are also directed at ministry and Aboriginal/Church relations. In June, the Council met with members of the Kateri Mission of the Archdiocese of Ottawa.

In addition to funding allocations, details of which are outlined below, the Council discussed the following:

The members of the Council reviewed applications for grants from the Fund for Reconciliation, Solidarity and Communion, which is made up principally of annual contributions from dioceses. Since the last Plenary Assembly, 14 projects have received grants totaling $133,500:

+ Albert LeGatt
+ Vital Massé
CCCB Representatives on Council for Reconciliation,
Solidarity and Communion
(Catholic Aboriginal Council for Reconciliation)