Song of determination and hope from the women of OFTAG

Thursday, December 22 2011

OFTAG is a women’s peasant organization in Haiti supported by the Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace. Most of its members are people who were displaced after the earthquake. Development and Peace is providing them with seeds, tools, a mill and hope. These women are singing about their solidarity and their strength.

Click on the following website to watch the video of their song of determination and hope:

These women are finding their voice, and this is what they have to say:

“In everything we do, if women are not there, there is no hope.

“The support of Development and Peace will change the lives of women here. They will be less vulnerable.

“With this help, life will get a bit easier. It encourages us and helps us face our problems.

“If women peasants didn’t exist, the country wouldn’t exist. The economy of the country rests on our shoulders.

“It is hope that keeps us going.

“We have to walk all day to get to the market. We carry all our produce on our heads.

“As women, we do not always know our rights in society.

“Our community is on the path of hurricanes, but despite that we keep our courage.

“With OFTAG we are learning, we are discovering our solidarity.

“As women, we do not understand our own value, our own importance.

“Women, we must stand up to claim our rights.

“Life is expensive, especially education. Even the most meager of means is not enough.”

“The money we make at the market, we use to buy things. There is nothing left to save.

“We do not want to be excluded from the reconstruction of our country.

“Our lack of knowledge prevents us from taking full advantage of our land.

“We have understood that we are the pillars of our society.

“Isolated, we are weak, but together we are strong.”