World Youth Day 2002: Appeal of the Canadian Bishops to cover the deficit

Friday, August 09 2002

World Youth Day Registration and Financial Results

Toronto, August 9, 2002 – WYD today released financial and registration information and is appealing for assistance to cover the estimated $30 million deficit.

Archbishop Anthony Meagher, Chair of the Bishops’ Committee for WYD said: “We witnessed a miracle of faith during World Youth Day. It gave us all hope for the future knowing that so many young people are committed to their faith and to working for a better world.”

“The Catholic Church in Canada organized World Youth Day as an investment in the youth of the world. We knew that there was likely to be a deficit and now we think it will be $30 million. We appeal to anyone who wants to help with this investment.”

Dioceses across Canada are assuming the deficit. All suppliers will be paid.

Anyone wishing to help with a donation for which you can receive a receipt for tax purposes can do so in the following ways:


The final estimate of paid participation is approximately 187,000. The numbers at the main events of WYD swelled much beyond this number as a result of individuals who attended without registering.