Directory of Bishops and Eparchs

A Bishop's Insignia and Coat of Arms

The Colours of our Website

Why were the colours of green and gold chosen for the website?

These two colours represent the official heraldic insignia of the Episcopal office, which is found on the coats of arms of all Bishops.

The green corresponds to the galero (ecclesiastical hat) and tassels that make up the crest and supporters of the coat of arms of the Bishop while the gold represents the processional cross.

What does a Bishop’s coat of arms look like?

The coat of arms is the emblem of the Bishop, which is used on letterheads, documents and other official publications. It consists of a shield bearing symbols representing the person for whom it was conceived. Around it, elements indicate his dignity, rank, title, jurisdiction and more. A scroll or banner on which is inscribed a motto or guiding principle usually sits beneath the shield.