The Catholic Church in Canada

Ecclesiastical Circumscriptions

The Catholic Church (composed of both the Latin Catholic Church and the Eastern Catholic Churches) is made up of “ecclesiastical circumscriptions” which, broadly speaking, are communities of the faithful under the authority of a Bishop. There are different kinds of ecclesiastical circumscriptions based on whether they are specific to the Latin Catholic Church or the Eastern Catholic Churches, as well as whether they are defined by geographical territory or the unique pastoral needs of a community. Within Canada, the ecclesiastical circumscriptions of the Latin Catholic Church include “archdioceses” and “dioceses”, which are defined by geographical territory, as well as “ordinariates” and a “personal prelature” (there being only one in the world at present), which are defined by the unique pastoral needs of the faithful which they serve. The ecclesiastical circumscriptions of the Eastern Catholic Churches in Canada include “eparchies,” as well as an “archeparchy” (being the Eastern Catholic equivalents of “dioceses” and “archdioceses” in the Latin Church), and may also include “exarchates” (local churches of Eastern communities present in Canada not yet promoted to the level of eparchy), all of which are defined by geographical territory.



Military Ordinariate

Personal Ordinariate

Personal Prelature