The Catholic Church in Canada

Interactive Map of Latin Dioceses, Eparchies and Ordinariates

Diocese : 1


Dioceses : 19


Dioceses : 12

Nova Scotia

Dioceses : 2


Dioceses : 4


Dioceses : 4

Newfoundland and Labrador

Dioceses : 3

British Columbia

Dioceses : 6

New Brunswick

Dioceses : 4

Northwest Territories

Diocese : 1


Dioceses : 5


Diocese : 1


Dioceses : 2

Prince Edward Island

Diocese : 1

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In Canada, several other ecclesiastical circumscriptions of the Eastern Catholic Churches are present, in addition to the Ukrainian Catholic Eparchies. The jurisdiction of these other ecclesiastical circumscriptions covers either the entire territory of Canada or, in some cases, Canada and the United States of America. For a complete listing of all the Eastern Catholic Churches present in Canada, see here under “Eparchies in Canada”.

An Ordinariate is an ecclesiastical jurisdiction equivalent to that of a diocese. There are two Ordinariates pertaining to the Church in Canada: the Military Ordinariate and the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter. See here for more information on the two Canadian Ordinariates.

* Archdiocese