Summary of Ecclesia in America Published: Living the Gospel in the New Millennium

Monday, June 02 2003

(CCCB-Ottawa) — The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops has just published a popularized summary of Pope John Paul II’s Apostolic Exhortation Ecclesia in America.

The 16-page booklet entitled Living the Gospel in the New Millennium brings to life the main themes of the Apostolic Exhortation made public by the Pope during his visit to Mexico in January 1999. Ecclesia in America was the conclusion of long period of reflection that was highlighted by the Special Synod of Bishops for America held in Rome inlate fall 1997. This meeting brought together over 300 bishops from around the world, but mainly from the American hemisphere, including 14 from Canada.

Ever since the publication of Ecclesia in America, Canada’s bishops have actively promoted the document, describing it as a “pastoral road map for the Catholic Church in the Americas” that guides us in living the Gospel in the new millennium and acts as a compass that “points the way to a very personal encounter with the living, loving Jesus Christ.” Ecclesia in America emphasizes the need for a new evangelization that is “new is ardour, methods and expressions.”

The Episcopal Commission for Relations with Associations of Clergy, Consecrated Life and Laity produced the document in a response to a recommendation by a CCCB forum for national associations held in May 1999 that discussed the apostolic exhortation.

Copies of Living the Gospel in the New Millennium maybe obtained from the CCCB by calling (613) 241-9461 ext. 230. The publication is free but contributions are requested to help defray production costs.